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The date type structure contains eight fields of the int type:

struct MqlDateTime
   int year;           // Year
   int mon;            // Month
   int day;            // Day
   int hour;           // Hour
   int min;            // Minutes
   int sec;            // Seconds
   int day_of_week;    // Day of week (0-Sunday, 1-Monday, ... ,6-Saturday)
   int day_of_year;    // Day number of the year (January 1st is assigned the number value of zero)


The day number of the year day_of_year for the leap year, since March, will differ from a number of the corresponding day for a non-leap year.


void OnStart()
   datetime date1=D'2008.03.01';
   datetime date2=D'2009.03.01';
   MqlDateTime str1,str2;
   printf("%02d.%02d.%4d, day of year = %d",,str1.mon,
   printf("%02d.%02d.%4d, day of year = %d",,str2.mon,
/*  Result:
   01.03.2008, day of year = 60
   01.03.2009, day of year = 59

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