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Client Terminal Events


Immediately after the client terminal loads a program (an Expert Advisor or custom indicator) and starts the process of initialization of global variables, the Init event will be sent, which will be processed by OnInit() event handler, if there is such. This event is also generated after a financial instrument and/or chart timeframe is changed, after a program is recompiled in MetaEditor, after input parameters are changed from the setup window of an Expert Advisor or a custom indicator. An Expert Advisor is also initialized after the account is changed.


Before global variables are deinitialized and the program (Expert Advisor or custom indicator) is unloaded, the client terminal sends the Deinit event to the program. Deinit is also generated when the client terminal is closed, when a chart is closed, right before the security and/or timeframe is changed, at a successful program re-compilation, when input parameters are changed, and when account is changed.

The deinitialization reason can be obtained from the parameter, passed to the OnDeinit() function. The OnDeinit() function run is restricted to 2.5 seconds. If during this time the function hasn't been completed, then it is forcibly terminated.


The Start event is a special event for script activation after it is loaded. This event is processed by OnStart handler. The Start event is not send to Expert Advisors or custom indicators.


The NewTick event is generated if there are new quotes, it is processed by OnTick() of Expert Advisors attached. In case when OnTick function for the previous quote is being processed when a new quote is received, the new quote will be ignored by an Expert Advisor, because the corresponding event will not enqueued.

All new quotes that are received while the program is running are ignored until the OnTick() is completed. After that the function will run only after a new quote is received. The NewTick event is generated irrespective of whether automated trade is allowed or not ("Allow/prohibit Auto trading" button). The prohibition of automated trading denotes only that sending of trade requests from an Expert Advisor is not allowed, while the Expert Advisor keeps working.

The prohibition of automated trading by pressing the appropriate button will not stop the current execution of the OnTick() function.


The Calculate event is generated only for indicators right after the Init event is sent and at any change of price data. It is processed by the OnCalculate function.


The Timer event is periodically generated by the client terminal for the Expert Advisor that has activated the timer by the EventSetTimer function. Usually, this function is called by OnInit. Timer event processing is performed by the OnTimer function. After the operation of the Expert Advisor is completed, it is necessary to destroy the timer using the EventKillTimer function, which is usually called in the OnDeinit function.


The Tester event is generated after testing of an Expert Advisor on history data is over. The event is handled by the OnTester() function.


The ChartEvent event is generated by the client terminal when a user is working with a chart:

  • keystroke, when the chart window is in focus;
  • graphical object created
  • graphical object deleted
  • mouse press on the graphical object of the chart
  • move of the graphical object using the mouse
  • end of text editing in LabelEdit.

Also there is a custom event ChartEvent, which can be sent to an Expert Advisor by any mql4 program by using the EventChartCustom function. The event is processed by the OnChartEvent function.

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