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Global Variables

Global variables are created by placing their declarations outside function descriptions. Global variables are defined at the same level as functions, i.e., they are not local in any block.


int GlobalFlag=10;   // Global variable
int OnStart()

The scope of global variables is the entire program. Global variables are accessible from all functions defined in the program. They are initialized to zero unless another initial value is explicitly defined. A global variable can be initialized only by a constant or constant expression that corresponds to its type.

Global variables are initialized only once after the program is loaded into the client terminal memory and before the first handling of the Init event. For global variables representing class objects, during their initialization the corresponding constructors are called.

The scope of the global variables is the same as the scope of the static variables : the lifetime of MQL4 program.

Note: Variables declared at global level must not be mixed up with the client terminal global variables that can be accessed using the GlobalVariable...() functions.

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