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List of MQL5 language functions

All MQL5 functions by sections



Common Functions

General functions not included into any of the specialized groups

Array Functions

Functions for working with arrays. Four-dimensional arrays are allowed at most

Conversion Functions

Functions for converting data from one format to another

Math Functions

A set of mathematical and trigonometric functions

String Functions

Functions for working with string type data

Date and Time

Functions for working with datetime data (an integer representing the number of seconds elapsed since 00:00, January 1, 1970)

Account Information

Functions for receiving data on the current trading account


Functions for receiving the current state of the client terminal

Event Handling

Functions for handling predefined MQL5 events

Market Info

Functions for receiving market status data

Economic Calendar

Functions for working with economic calendar events

Timeseries and Indicators Access

Functions for working with timeseries and indicators. Elements in the timeseries are indexed from the most recent to the oldest data

Custom Symbols

Functions for creating and editing the custom symbol properties

Chart Operations

Functions for working with charts. Chart property changes are implemented along with handling of the events queue of this chart

Trade Functions

Functions for conducting trading operations and receiving data on orders, positions and deals

Trade Signals

Functions for managing trading signals

Network Functions

Functions for working with emails, FTP, push notifications, HTTP requests and remote servers

Global Variables of the Terminal

Functions for working with global variables of the client terminal

File Functions

Functions for working with files and "named channels"

Custom Indicators

Functions for setting properties in custom indicators

Object Functions

Functions for working with graphical objects related to a specified chart

Technical Indicators

Functions for creating a technical indicator and getting its handle. If the indicator already exists, no new copy is created

Working with Optimization Results

Functions for handling optimization results in the strategy tester

Working with Events

Functions for working with user and timer events

Working with OpenCL

Functions for working with OpenCL programs