MQL4参考 图表操作 ChartGetInteger


Returns the value of a corresponding property of the specified chart. Chart property must be of datetime, int or bool type. There are 2 variants of the function calls.

1. Returns the property value directly.

long  ChartGetInteger(
   long  chart_id,          // Chart ID
   int   prop_id,           // Property ID
   int   sub_window=0       // subwindow number, if necessary

2. Returns true or false, depending on the success of a function. If successful, the value of the property is placed in a target variable long_var passed by reference.

bool  ChartGetInteger(
   long    chart_id,        // Chart ID
   int     prop_id,         // Property ID
   int     sub_window,      // subwindow number
   long&   long_var         // Target variable for the property



[in]  Chart ID. 0 means the current chart.


[in]  Chart property ID. This value can be one of the ENUM_CHART_PROPERTY_INTEGER values.


[in]  Number of the chart subwindow. For the first case, the default value is 0 (main chart window). The most of the properties do not require a subwindow number.


[out]  Target variable of long type for the requested property.

Return Value

The value of long type.

For the second call case it returns true if specified property is available and its value has been stored into long_var variable, otherwise returns false. To get additional information about the error, it is necessary to call the function GetLastError().


void OnStart()
   int height=ChartGetInteger(0,CHART_HEIGHT_IN_PIXELS,0);
   int width=ChartGetInteger(0,CHART_WIDTH_IN_PIXELS,0);
   Print("CHART_HEIGHT_IN_PIXELS =",height,"pixels");
   Print("CHART_WIDTH_IN_PIXELS =",width,"pixels");