MQL4参考 普通函数 SendFTP


Sends a file at the address, specified in the setting window of the "FTP" tab.

bool  SendFTP(
   string  filename,          // file to be send by ftp
   string  ftp_path=NULL      // ftp catalog



[in]   Name of sent file.


[in]   FTP catalog. If a directory is not specified, directory described in settings is used.

Return Value

In case of failure returns 'false'.


Sent file must be located in the folder terminal_directory\MQL4\files or its subfolders. Sending isn't performed if FTP address and/or access password are not specified in settings.

SendFTP() function does not work in the Strategy Tester.

What's new in MQL5

In MQL5, the SendFTP, SendMail and SendNotification functions are moved to the new extended Network functions section. Now programs can exchange data with remote servers included in the list of allowed IP addresses. This means that MQL5 EAs are able to establish secure connections between processes using the TCP/IP protocol without using third-party DLLs.