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MQL4 Reference Chart Operations ChartIndicatorsTotal


Returns the number of all indicators applied to the specified chart window.

int  ChartIndicatorsTotal(
   long  chart_id,      // chart id
   int   sub_window     // number of the subwindow



[in]  Chart ID. 0 denotes the current chart.


[in]  Number of the chart subwindow. 0 denotes the main chart subwindow.

Return Value

The number of indicators in the specified chart window. To get error details use the GetLastError() function.


The function allows going searching through all the indicators attached to the chart. The number of all the windows of the chart can be obtained from the CHART_WINDOWS_TOTAL property using the ChartGetInteger() function.

See also

ChartIndicatorDelete(), ChartIndicatorsTotal(), IndicatorSetString()